The Sunrise movement is a movement of young people to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. Here in Sunrise Lexington, we use non-violent direct action to bring the changes we want to see in Lexington, such as declaring a climate emergency and bringing us closer to net zero. We are the majority, and we will win.

Foggy Forest


We, the students of Sunrise Lexington, demand climate action. Everyone in the world will be affected by the climate crisis and we must take a stand and combat it. We’re long overdue. Our goal is to create a town that excels on voter engagement, environmentalism, kindness, and inclusivity. We refuse to be complicit and let hundreds of years of economic racism and inequalities to communities of color in the United States be hurt by those who have caused this issue. We refuse to let our voices be silenced. We are taking action to empower youth across Massachusetts, to fight for a Green New Deal, and make an America where everyone truly has equal opportunity.





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