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Dear Representative Ciccolo By Kaveesh Pathak

Updated: Apr 10

Dear Representative Ciccolo,

We, the students of Lexington, ask that you rise in support of a roll call vote for bill H.2836 the “An Act re-powering Massachusetts with 100 percent renewable energy”. The Massachusetts Legislature has not passed a climate bill in more than ten years and people across the state need to know what side our representatives are on.

By allowing this bill to go to roll-call, we can hold our elected officials accountable and force this to be on their record. All governments from local to federal must be transparent on how officials vote on bills. This allows the people to hold their officials accountable, and by forcing votes to go to roll-call, we are ensuring our government works for everyone, because it forces our politicians to make tough decisions that will forever be on their record.

We are seeing the effects of climate change right now and we know it will get worse as time goes on. Bold action must be taken to save our climate. We must move to renewable energy as fast as possible to fight for our future and our climate. We hope you chose to stand in support of a roll call vote for this bill. Best,

Sunrise Movement Lexington


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