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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Voting is the most direct thing that you can do to influence your democracy. By voting, you can send the candidates into office, who best represent your ideologies, hopes, and dreams. With the proper research, voting is the single most essential responsibility of your role as a citizen. Imagine there is a natural disaster. 90% of Americans believe the United States government should send aid. However, 10% of Americans do not want to send aid. The president launches a referendum to determine if the US should send aid. So, because you know 90% of Americans believe we should send aid, you don't bother to vote, because it might take 10 minutes out of your busy workday, and you know enough people will go out to vote. But guess what! More people than expected make the same decision as you. They don't vote,  and surprise, the "don't send aid" vote receives the most votes. And guess what? They didn't vote because they believed they were too busy, and their votes also didn't matter.  By doing this, they relied on others to make their political choices for them. You and millions of others could have prevented this result just by going to the polls. So if you decide not to vote, you are not receiving the outcome that you want, and you are undermining our democracy by not showing the government the real numbers. The referendum was launched to see what percentage of the population wanted to send aid, not to see how many Americans would spend 10 minutes of their day to vote. (and represent an essential part of our democracy). So in our next election, whether an election concerns your town/city, your state, or the national government, we ask you to make time in your day to keep our America the way it should be: For the people and by the people. #LexVote 

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